Hot Stone Massage Coexists With Chakra Energy

The body distributes special energy through special ducts known as chakra channels, according to the Eastern philosophies. Chakras flow smoothly without intervention when you are happy with your life and in synergy with the things around you. But if things are not going well for you, you may need to release the chakras trapped inside you through a holistic treatment. Hot stone massages for an example.

Through the use of heat energy through hot massage therapy, you free up the chakra energy trapped in you. As a result the negative energy gets released, allowing the positive energy to flow through.

Even if you don’t believe in chakras, this therapy will give definitive medical benefits to your body. Heat from the massage has been proven to improve the bodily functions, blood circulation, and lower blood pressure and ease pain. These also improve one’s state of mind and when that happens, you are in a better position in solving problems.

The bottom line, hot stone massages are very powerful in maintaining your health and freeing your chakras. In the end, everyone will benefit from it. It’s just a matter on what your perspective is. If you are into science and technology, you will be more intrigued and fascinated by the medical benefits. And if you are spiritually inclined, you will be drawn to the chakra aspects of temperature controlled stone therapy. No matter how you look at it, this will surely invigorate not just the body but as well as the spirit.

Therapeutic Massage for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a very crucial stage in a woman’s life. Most develop several changes physically, mentally and emotionally. Others develop hormonal imbalances, which makes them prone to depression and mood swings. It can be both overwhelming and stressful at the same time. Physical changes, such as weight gain and feeling of “unattractiveness”, also contributes to the increasing level of anxiety for most women undergoing this stage.

One way in easing all the stresses brought about by pregnancy is massage therapy. Massage is normally safe for pregnant women but one must also consider certain contraindications and symptoms such as any unusual discharge of blood and water, illness, fever, vomiting, pre – eclampsia, high blood pressure, abdominal pains and blood clotting disorders. First, you have to seek the advice of your doctor and find the right therapist qualified to do it for you. Once you found the qualified person for this service, you will be prepared for the massage during pregnancy accordingly. The traditional massage is different from the massage being done to pregnant women. Since massage therapy for pregnant women focuses more on the pains and discomforts brought about by pregnancy.

Varieties of massage equipments are being used during therapies. Massage chairs, electric table warmers, massage tables and one of the most natural way is the use of hot massage stones. Many individuals are looking for alternative ways for healing and comfort. The use of hot massage stones are proven to provide comfort and relaxation among pregnant women. The stone’s hardness allows the therapist to determine the specific areas of problem with deeper pressure. But, one must remember that it can only be applied on limited areas since it can easily heat up the body’s temperature. It improves the circulation to relax the mind and massage tissues at a comfortable pressure level.

There are many benefits that massage therapy can provide to pregnant individuals. First, it eases back pain and sciatica pain which is caused by the undue pressure caused by the baby on the sciatic nerve. A good therapist could reduce the pain to a very large extent. Stress can also be relieved with the use of different methods used by the therapist during massage. He or she knows the muscles, that completely relaxes the mind and body and most muscular aches during pregnancy can disappear with a good massage. Pregnancy limits the movements and exercises done by an individual, thus limiting the flexibility of the muscles. A massage can help improve the blood circulation of the body making the individual feel renewed all over. Most importantly, a massage therapy can provide the pleasure and comfort most pregnant women needs. The feeling of being pampered and well taken care of, releases the tension and anxieties a pregnant woman feels, even if they are in a very stressful and challenging stage of her life.

Pregnancy can be both exciting and difficult at the same time. It wouldn’t hurt if you escape for a while. You are supposed to be happy and glowing, anticipating the birth of a new member in the family. Treat yourself with a massage, release those tensions and enjoy the happiness of giving birth to a new life.

Hot Massage Tips – Tantric Massage

The following article is one of a series of articles which focus on building or regaining Self Esteem, motivating and empowering men to deal with the very sensitive subject of their Sexual Health. This empowering article on men’s sexual health was written in response to questions which have been asked on topics related to Men’s Issues as well as address common challenges that people have with this subject. I sincerely hope that you find the following information of value.

Carrying on the theme of many of my articles, this is part of a mini series on using the techniques of massage. It further emphasizes the importance and the benefits of taking care of our sexual health both physically and spiritually. This approach will always result in a far more enjoyable experience for both you and your partner.

Hot Massage Tips: Tantric Massage

Before we discuss this type of massage in more detail, we need to understand that Tantric massage is unique and a very special kind of massage. As with other forms of massage, Tantric massage has its own unique benefits. What particularly appeals to me is how this focuses more on our feelings and spiritual well being rather than our physical health.

Unfortunately, it’s not that common and, therefore, not readily available just everywhere due to the specialist skills and training involved. The professional who provides such massage services must be a master of the basic and advanced principles of Tantra and meditation.

The Tantric massage experience always begins with ancient Tantric rituals and a time of meditation in order to focus on the Chakras and the spiritual link with the entire universe.

You must always keep in mind that this kind of massage is not meant to relieve the stresses and strains that our bodies have been subjected to, to work the muscles, or to focus on our physical well being. Tantric massage awakens the hidden mystic energy and brings your body and spirit in complete harmony with the universe.

Tantric massage makes use of light, sensual and slow strokes that can channel energy and increase the body’s sensitivity to a different reality. You may wish to apply some medium pressure along the sides of the spine in order to make your massage effective, but otherwise confine yourself to light pressure and to the movements inspired from the way energy flows through the body and especially the classic movement upwards from the base of the spine.

I would suggest that this form of massage should not be taken lightly. Don’t play at it. A great deal of skill is required as well as an in-depth knowledge of your inner energy before even contemplating conducting a Tantric massage.

I am sure the values and benefits of a Tantric massage have been undermined because people may well have “tried it” without understanding its true meaning and the highly specialized skills required to perform a true Tantric massage.
Meditation and music are the only things you need for this kind of massage. However, the music used should be known for its connections with meditation and spiritual awareness. There is music designated for use with Tantric massage but it is not commonplace and may be hard to find.

Although unnecessary, oils and lotions can also be used and, I suppose there may be a perception that a massage would not be a massage without them. So as not to diminish the overall effect of this type of massage, avoid the use of scented oils as they can, in themselves, be distracting.

Try Tantric massage with your partner. When performed successfully, it undoubtedly increases your levels of intimacy and develops a stronger emotional and spiritual bond between the two of you.

Hot Massage – Hot Sex Tips for Lovers

If you’re looking for new ways to please your lover, a hot massage is one of the quickest and most tantalizing ways you can do this. We all know that massages are relaxing. They’re meant to be.

You take your fingertips and your hands and knead them gently into the tortured muscles of your beloved, relaxing them and re-energizing your lover.

A hot massage takes that relaxation and re-energizing to new erotic levels. By using certain technique, and with the simple skill of knowing your beloved’s pleasure points, you can get your lover from relaxed to erotically charged in no time at all.

Male Massage

If you want to give your lover a hot massage, you don’t have to go far from home. Although you can find massage girls in countries such as Amsterdam, it’s easier on the wallet to do it yourself. Besides, you’ll appreciate your lover’s reaction more.

If you are a woman and wanting to give a great male massage, your breasts are going to be your biggest ally. No pun intended. Your man loves your tits. He loves to lick them, tease them, play with them, and he definitely loves to feel them against his skin.

Put a little bit of massage oil onto your chest and a little onto your lover. Now, glide your breasts over his chest, his back, and his legs. Use your breasts just as you would your hands when giving your male massage. When he is moaning for more, use your breasts to massager his manhood for an erotic sensation he won’t soon forget. Although the rest of his body is guaranteed to be relaxed, his manhood will be aroused and ready for play.

Massage Girls

If you are a man looking to massage your girl, the technique is quite similar. Rub her down gently. Massage the tension out of her neck and back with a warm oil and allow her to relax from her long, stressful week.

When your beloved is relaxed and comfortable, put some massage oil onto your chest and run it over her body.

Apply only a small amount of pressure from your body to hers and let her enjoy the sensation of this hot massage. Run your chest over her back, gently sliding up and down. Use your fingers to massage her womanhood as you do, so she gets the full erotic pleasure of your touch.